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LA DOLLY is a high-end Prêt-à-Porter fashion collection handmade in Italy.


Real Chanel Tweeds coming from the Linton Tweeds®  Mills in the UK are used to create this fabulous, sophisticated and prestigious line for Dolly girls.  Linton Tweeds ® is also the supplier of the house of Chanel which makes it extra special and exclusive.

These rich, colorful and textured Chanel tweeds of Linton urged the DOLLY designer to make high- end couture pieces for DOLLY girls and women. To make a LA DOLLY piece even more special and exclusive is that the Linton fabrics from the UK are shipped to Italy where these exclusive LA DOLLY garments are sewn ( ‘La Dolly’ is Italian for The Doll)

A hint of the sixties combined with the complete doll outfits available for fashion dolls in that same decade inspired the DOLLY designer to create similar Doll outfits like the ‘Stewardess Dress’’, the ‘Nurse Dress’, ‘Little Business Suit’ and others making each LA DOLLY Tweed a true collectible.

Collect all the LA DOLLY Tweeds and wear on birthdays, ceremonies, weddings, theatre, ballet and museum visits or every other DOLLY day...

Each LA DOLLY is a very special gift and becomes a keepsake in an instant to treasure for years.


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